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University: RMIT University, Australia
Course: Second & Third Year Design Studio
Studio Name: Mobilise
Tutors: Sandra Githinji and Cindy Chen

At a time where we are confronted with historical, political, social, cultural, environmental, technological and institutional challenges, this studio asks how can design serve as an agent for change.

The studio enabled students to respond to an ethical framework guided b
y the text, Design Emergency: 

Building a Better Future by Alice Rawsthorn and Paola Antonelli.

The studio explored ideas of mobilisation as a strategy for events, display and activism to generate critical responses to systems and contemporary concerns and issues. Through curatorial strategies and an emphasis on foregrounding design ideas, students developed techniques for activating meaningful discourse with audiences in public spaces.

Through critical research of precedent work by women and various BIPOC designers across multiple disciplines, students expanded their design vocabulary to challenge assumptions, redefine problems and creative innovative platforms for dialogue.

The Curious
Team Members: Olivia Reiher, Jiayu Zhu, Yang-Chieh Lin, Maria Argyris

agency of public space 02.JPG

"Instead of exhibiting finished works or aretefacts, the rise of 'performative curation' provides a space where experimental methods for encountering design ideas are being tested. Here, the role of the curator is not that of 'custodian' or 'expert' but with the intent to create a shared space of encounter with audiences. " 


Team Members: Sarah Witney, Harry Helft, Sienna Taranto, Ho Kei Wong, Lejia Wen
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The Paper Exchange
Team Members: Monisha Quai Hoi, Angela Yang, Declan Schipper, Chenxuan Lyu, Ziyang Xu
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1 to lose, 2 to win
Team Members: Jocelyn Kew, Jingxi Xu, Dayi Wu, Ma Eryka Jenn Castro, Tingting Wu
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